How Are You Doing Managing Anxiety?

we all want to be the expert of our own lives, especially when anxiety is getting in the way. Together, we can break the Anxious cycle and find lasting freedom.

Imagine if:

  • We're able to live the life we want because anxiety isn't in the driver's seat.
  • We get enough sleep, rest, and downtime because our anxiety isn't working overtime.
  • We don't feel lost, alone, and overwhelmed because you know where to turn, or to whom.
Discover How

The Anxiety Relief Technique

will help us embrace all the needs and wants of life that we have been avoiding because of fear.

  • Sleep better
  • Feel more peace and calm
  • Face life with courage and purpose
  • Never worry about anxiety attacks again

with The Anxiety Relief Technique we'll...

  • Get mentally fit and strong with experienced and empathetic guidance and support.
  • Become someone who doesn’t let fear control them.
  • Stop anxiety attacks cold before they happen.
  • Practice mindfulness skills to calm our racing brain and jittery body.
  • Stop overthinking, avoiding our fears, and crumbling because of the pressure of anxiety.

Who Will This Help?

  • Individuals who suffer from anxiety
  • Family members of those who suffer from anxiety
  • Teachers, friends, anyone who supports someone who suffers from anxiety

Why Freedom Is Waiting

So many of us are stuck in the labyrinth of medication, diagnosis, doctors, therapy, and insurance.

I am a wife and mom of 4, all who have OCD and other anxiety disorders. I am fighting along side you in the daily battles that mental illness creates.

Together, we can build confidence to face fears, gain power to be in the driver's seat of our life, and find hope that our future can be full of joy and light.

Learn what unique methods work best for anxiety, and how to use them every day to live a free, full life.

We can work side by side to discover what is going on in our anxious brain and why we don't need to be afraid anymore.

Let's Get Out of the Labyrinth and Find Peace


  • 8 weeks of content calls - LIVE + recordings

Each week we will tackle a new topic and skill to help you combat anxiety and stop it in its tracks.

  • 8 weeks of one on one weekly calls to navigate and untangle your personal anxiety

Meet with me each week where we will work together to untangle your personal anxiety.

  • 50+ pages of resource downloads

Colorful, informative, interactive worksheets that correspond with each weeks' lessons to solidify learning.

  • BONUS - Private Facebook Support Group for LIFE

Get questions answered and support from others that are going through the trenches of anxiety too.

The Anxiety Relief Guarantee

My guarantee to you is if you follow the prescribed technique and put the time and effort into what I will teach you, you will find freedom and peace.

I long for you to be able to do all the things you want and need to do.

I can't wait for anxiety to take a back seat while you take the wheel.

The Anxiety Relief Technique, where we work together to get results is designed for success. If you make it through the whole course and don't feel it has been helpful for you, I will refund you. No hard feelings.

  • How Do I Know This Will Work?

    Countless individuals have studied and practiced this technique and went from being completely paralyzed by anxiety to total management of their anxiety and complete freedom from it's effects.

  • What If I Can't Make the Live Calls?

    Each call will be recorded and saved for you. You will have lifetime access to this material.

  • What if I want a loved one or child to take this course and I'm worried they won't agree?

    Offering to take the course with them can help. Ultimately, the choice must be left with the individual. Anyone who is forced will have less of a chance of success.