5 Jewelry Organizing Ideas

5 Jewelry Organizing Ideas

Are you feeling stuck and can't decide where to start?

I've got some tips and tricks that will help you clear out what isn't serving you and make room for a more effective, elegant, and inspiring Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe (more on this later 😉).



1. Hanging organizer

If you're low on storage space this can be a great option. This can be hung over the back of a bathroom, bedroom, or closet door for easy access to your favorite "jewels".

2. Ceiling Hooks

I, personally, use these and LOVE them! I happen to be blessed with amazing built-in closet storage. These could be used on the wall next to your sink or on a shelf in the closet.

3. Drawer Organizers

These can do wonders for a disorganized jumble of jewelry. They are even stackable!

4. Tiered Necklace Stand

Keep those necklaces from getting in a terrible knot. This stand is quite beautiful. Can you imagine how pretty it would look with your favorite every day necklaces?

5. Peg Board

This option offers a tremendous amount of flexibility. You can choose where to put the pegs depending on if you're hanging a necklace or bracelet. It would be fun to spray paint it a fun color to compliment your existing decor.

Enjoy your week of de-cluttering and organizing!


I think you'll find you have more space and room for the things you really love to wear. Once I de-clutter and organize a space, whenever I see it I breath a sigh of relief. Moving out clutter and organizing our spaces helps with clutter and organization in our brains too! Bonus!!!



P.S. Let me know if you have any questions that I didn't cover. And let me know the tips and tricks you use! I'd love to hear!!

P.S.S. I'm working on developing a Jewelry Capsule Wardrobe Collection. I can't wait.....stay tuned!

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