A Daring Adventure

A Daring Adventure

Ok, I admit it...I have watched a few soap operas in my life, but The Bold and the Beautiful wasn't one of them. But it is a catchy phrase and a phrase that I aspire to. Bold and Beautiful...doesn't that invoke feelings of strength and softness, power and grace, courage and vision. All things that Helen Keller possessed. But what a road she had to walk to get there!

We too have our own roads to walk, our own adventures to discover. Let us do it with courage, grace, and vision! Let us be Bold and Beautiful!

My goal when choosing Hello Wednesdays jewelry is to find the perfect balance of the bold and the beautiful. I find high quality materials that have been designed to be strong while portraying delicate beauty. A wonderful combination we can all strive for.

Go on, be bold! Buy something for yourself or buy something for a friend or loved one. Guess what, when it's a BOGO you don't have to choose...you can do both!!




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