Are we done? Can I get off now? --- Help when life gets rough ❤️

Are we done? Can I get off now? --- Help when life gets rough ❤️

I recently was waiting to get off a stuffy, warm plane when I heard a small child ask his mother "Are we done? Can I get off now?" His mother answered with a very enthusiastic and exhausted "Yes!"

Ya know, I have days where I hear my brain say "Are we done? Can I get off now?" My brain isn't asking to get off the plane. It's asking for a much-needed break from the chaos, commotion, stress, anxiety, work, and busyness of life. Does some form of that question run through your mind too? If you’re like the many people I talk to we’re not alone. Life can feel heavy right now. We can’t just “walk off the plane” though. So, what can we do about this?

As you know, I’ve been working on a Children’s Anxiety Workbook for the past several months. A workbook that can be used in the home. A workbook that a parent and child can work on together. A workbook that explains anxiety, mindfulness, mind-body connection, among many other important topics. A workbook that can help us build strength, endurance, calm, and peace even during moments, days, and/or years of turmoil and grief.

Please share this resource with any and all who may feel stuck and need a helping hand. I have been in that “stuck” place. The principles and practices I teach in the workbook have saved the lives of those I love. No one needs to suffer alone. I am saying very enthusiastically that "Yes, you can let go of a life of anxiety! Yes, I know a way out!" Follow me!


xoxo, Betsy

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