Be - YOU - tiful!

Be - YOU - tiful!

Like I promised, I'm back talking about three reoccurring themes: TIME, BEAUTY, and SELF-CARE. If you missed my last email about TIME, you can go catch up here. And remember to check out both our Instagram and Facebook feeds/stories to see more content on each of these topics.

Now, let's talk about BEAUTY!!! 🤩

Oh, elusive beauty...especially when you are overtired, overworked, overworried (I know that's not a word, but you know what I mean). Ladies, we've got your back. No joke, slip on several of our bracelets with your t-shirt and jeans that you wore three days in a row and you'll feel like a new woman! Throw on a pair of our understated earrings to freshen up that messy bun that hasn't seen a shower in (I lost count) days. And our delicate necklaces all have special meaning to bring motivation, peace, and hope to a day that feels like a train wreck.

Our goal is to help you feel beautiful even on those "sweats and no shower" kind of days. Jewelry is can do that, and we can help!

Rediscover or even reinvent "your beauty." Feel the strength you can give to others when your day begins with confidence. See the light you can share with others when you personally feel put-together, even when the world around you is a disaster.

Be- YOU -tiful! You are enough. You have so much to offer. The world needs your BEAUTY!



P.S. I have a little GIFT FOR YOU. Click here and get a free PDF of the picture above. Isn't it wonderful? My daughter (and biz partner) painted it. And now it can be yours 😊. Print it out. Share it with others. Post it on the mirror in your bathroom or somewhere you'll be reminded of who you are and the inner beauty and strength you possess and can share with the world!

P.S.S. Go BE - YOU - TIFUL !!!

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