Can Happiness Make You Feel Horrible?

Can Happiness Make You Feel Horrible?

A few weeks ago I shared with you the Fellings Wheel. I thought it only appropriate to talk a little more about happiness and how it can sometimes trap us in a world of comparison. Let's get these myths cleared up and be on our happy, sad, mad, frustrated, tired, defeated, excited, blah way 😉👍

Myth # 1 

Humans, in their natural state, should be happy.


Humans experience a constant  flow of shifting emotions.

Myth #2

Happiness = always feeling good and experiencing pleasure


Lasting pleasure does not exist. We can live an abundant, meaningful life and still experience the full spectrum of emotions.

Myth #3

If you're not happy then there is something wrong with you.


Life is a challenge. Everyone feels unhappy at times.


Mic drop!


Not much more I can say. Please read and re-read. Take a screenshot. Or better yet...


Put it somewhere as a reminder that you are human and that your emotions are not your enemy. And please share with others. Let these myths go and go have a wonderful, horrible, exciting, exhausting, painful, glorious, peaceful day!!!




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