De-clutter Your Jewelry

De-clutter Your Jewelry

Jewelry De-clutter Tips


  • I feel so overwhelmed where do I start? And how do I find the time?


  • Break it down by the type of jewelry: ie. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.
  • Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I wear it?

Do I still love it? Does it bring me joy?

Is it broken? Here are a few of my tutorials on how to fix/re-purpose broken jewelry

Do I need to clean it? Another tutorial on cleaning jewelry

  • Break it down into 15 minute increments. Only spend 15 minutes. Give the task complete focus for the set time. When the time goes off, go do something else…like get a treat!


  • What if I have jewelry that has sentimental value?


  • Ask yourself: Why am I keeping this? Here are some possible reasons to consider:

It’s probably worth a lot of money. – Really? If so, sell it. But more often than not, in reality it is worth more to you than it will be to someone else, because of the sentiment it holds.

I would feel guilty if I gave it away. – Never keep something out of guilt.

Look and hold each sentimental item and identify what that object is really doing for you. Maybe choose a few small sentimental items and be ready to part with the rest.


  • I am very limited on space. How can I find joy in organizing my jewelry in a small space?


  • Once you de-clutter you will find you have just enough space. I am always amazed that I actually have excess space once I de-clutter. So, take this upcoming week to evaluate and honestly look at your jewelry.
  • For tips on ORGANIZING YOUR JEWELRY- check out my blog post
5 Jewelry Organizing Ideas
Coming May 26, 2021


Let me know if you have any questions.



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