Finding Happiness through Adversity

Finding Happiness through Adversity

I can't help it, I have another wonderful and super inspiring story to share!

 A lifetime of struggling with anxiety, depression and chronic pain; a miscarriage, being officially diagnosed with a disability, and marriage separation are just a few of the challenges faced by a HW customer. Each of these obstacles would be hard to manage on their own, but what she has faced and continues to face today seems like a heavy load. I can't imagine how often she faces moments where she is forced to "pause." 

Yet, through all this she seeks hope. 

What a joy it has been to hear her story! And what a joy it is for her to embrace and find strength in the Semi- Colon symbol. What does it represent to her?

She says:

The semi-colon is a reminder to me that there is more to come in life, no matter what you’re going through now. There have been many times where I thought “my life is over”. Still, I kept pushing through the uncomfortable days and after some time my thoughts would shift to “where do I go from here?” That’s the power of a pause in those trying times, if we can ride it out, we will see there is more to come even if we think we’re at the end of our story. Everyday we’re choosing to keep our story going, to push through to see what life has in store for us.

Is there someone in your life that has inspired you to seek and find more hope?

Is there someone that has shown great strength and courage in the face of adversity?

Is there someone that you would be honored to give this semi-colon charm to in celebration for persevering through "pauses" and trials?

Let's celebrate those that have and will continue to fight through the battles of life. Let's honor those that are forced to "pause" and do it with faith and hope.

Who can you honor today?

Come find your symbol of strength, hope, and meaning. Who's life can you lift up today? (It might be your own, and that is wonderful!!)


Betsy and HW family

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