Friends Help Us Thrive in the Middle

Friends Help Us Thrive in the Middle

Please tell me you haven't forgotten what it's like to be in High School (or maybe you still are πŸ˜€).

High School is rough, no matter who you are. There is the good, the bad, and the ugly (I grew up in Seattle and we wore full on Grunge πŸ™„). In THE MIDDLE of my senior year things kind of "shifted" for me (now that's a "middle" no one about Senioritis). I started moving on towards focusing on college and the rest of my life. And with that shift came a shift from most of my friends too. Although I consciously decided this, it still was lonely.

I had a friend during that year that stood by me and gave me space all at the same time. She was exactly what I needed...and she didn't have to try to be that person, she just was. I loved her for that. And I love her today for that too. She is Sally. She doesn't try to be anyone else and certainly doesn't need to be...she's perfect. That is the case for each of us. We can thrive and help others to thrive by just being ourselves and honoring the super powers we each possess and by honoring others for what they bring to the world.

I think we all have people like Sally in our lives. What a joy it is to have little excuses to honor those we love?!

This is Sally with her daughter...each wearing their Amy necklace...a Wonderful Mother/Daughter Necklace ❀❀❀



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