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Getting Ready for Back to School

How's it going? I know some states/schools have already headed back to school. While some of you are still awaiting the "Big Day." Did you know I used to teach 5th grade? Oh, about 17 years ago 😲. I still get "Back to School Jitters." I don't know what it is, but summer starts to wind down and fall kicks in and I get butterflies in my stomach. Crazy, but true!

We've got a few suggestions to help with those jitters and butterflies.

A Week or so Before School Starts

  • Start getting back into a routine (bedtime/wake-up time) - Ugh, I hate this one...but it really does help!
  • Gather/Buy school supplies
  • Make sure all paperwork/registration is complete
  • Introduce these tools to your children and empower them when they feel anxious or stressed: Starfish breathing and mindfulness

Night Before School Starts

  • Lay out clothes (and heart necklaces from HWs)
  • Pack Backpacks
  • Pack Lunches
  • Prep Breakfast (breakfast burritos or overnight oats)
  • Go to bed on time (start bedtime routine earlier so your child has time to feel calm and relaxed)
  • Make sure Mom and Dad do the same!!
  • Charge phone (so your camera is ready 😉

First Day of School!!

  • Get up earlier than normal
  • Don't forget to wear your heart necklace!!
  • Give lots of hugs and encouraging words
  • Starfish breathing and mindfulness
  • Have a GREAT DAY!
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