Happiness 27 different ways

Did you know that with each core emotion there are about 27 (probably many more) subsets of that emotion? Crazy huh?
Can you guess the 7 core emotions?
** Happy
** Sad
** Disgusted
** Angry
** Fearful
(If you've see Inside Out..these have got to sound familiar 😉)
** Bad
** Surprised
Being aware of the various emotions and the vast depth of each feeling can be very helpful when we or a loved one make generalizations about his/her/our emotions. Sometimes we or someone we love might say "I'm always sad." or "Why can't I just be happy?". Depression and anxiety are real illnesses and should be evaluated by a professional. Shining light on the regular ups and downs of life can help to normalize them and foster acceptance and peace. Not all days are going to be great. Not all emotions are going to be happy. But we can house different emotions at once and find some acceptance of that.
So are curious about what all these subsets are?? I found a simple website that shows a wonderful Feelings Wheel that I want to share with you.
I first saw a wheel like this when a few of my family members were out patients at The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center. I actually have this wheel posted on my fridge so that when emotions arise that my seem hard to describe our family can use this chart to find some clarification.
Another fun fact...This wheel is the inspiration behind the Hello Wednesdays Logo 😊❤
Enjoy the Feellings Wheel. Share it with others. Maybe bring it up over dinner or while driving to practice. Have fun with it 🤸‍♀️
See ya next week!
xoxo, Betsy

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