Help for a Child that Worries

Help for a Child that Worries

Do you know a worried child?

Chances are you do. Even if you don't know you do. Post Covid has seen a huge increase in anxiety among children. A study I read stated that "Based on the questionnaires completed by the parents, findings reveal that children felt

  • uncertain
  • fearful
  • and isolated during current times
It was also shown that children experienced  
  • disturbed sleep
  • nightmares
  • poor appetite
  • agitation
  • inattention
  • and separation related anxiety" 
I have definitely seen this and heard from others that are experiencing any and all of these symptoms. 
I have been working on developing a workbook for children that suffer with anxiety. 
The next few weeks I will be sharing with you some of the content that you can expect from this workbook.
The principles and practices I share are tried and true and are therapist reviewed and recommended.
You can also access the FREE DOWNLOAD "How to talk to your anxious child"

What is A Worry Monster?

Our brains are made to warn us of danger. Sometimes our brains set off a false alarm, alerting us that there is danger, but really we are safe. If we choose to listen to our Worry Monster and avoid something that seems scary, even if we really are safe, our Worry Monster gets louder and warns us more often.

How do we "quiet" A Worry Monster?

Next time your child feels really worried and is avoiding something or very uncomfortable with something, have them ask the following questions:

  1. Is there really danger?
  2. Is my Worry Monster keeping me from doing something I need or want to do?
Remind your child that the Worry Monster is giving them information, but ultimately they get to CHOOSE. Empower them to be courageous and do the hard thing.
Share this email with anyone you know that may be suffering. As many of you know my husband, myself, and all four of our children suffer from some form of anxiety. The suffering is real and does not have to be endured alone or without help. ❤
xoxo, Betsy
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