Keys To Unlock Your Fears

Keys To Unlock Your Fears

Are you ready to unlock your fear? Ugh, I know...In some ways it feels easier to just leave it alone. By leaving it alone it continues to sprout up uninvited and torture us though. So, come on, let’s unlock it. Let’s do the hard work. Let’s be brave. Let’s face it once and for all!

  1. Think about a time when your anxiety keeps you from doing something you need or want to do.
  2. Create “If/Then” statements surrounding that time.

For example:

IF I don’t do things in a certain order or way THEN something bad will happen.
IF I talk to someone I don’t know THEN I will do something embarrassing.
IF I shake someone’s hand THEN I will get sick.
  1. Whatever your “IF” statement is….DO THE OPPOSITE.

For example:

Change the order of how you do one of your routines.

Introduce yourself to someone new.

Shake someone’s hand.

  1. Teach your brain that you are safe. Teach your brain that you can do the things that it is keeping you from doing.
  2. Repeat OVER and OVER again. Repetition and consistency.

 those who remove mountains begin by moving away small stones - chinese proverb

I know it feels so hard. Remember how hard it is to live within your anxiety prison. Think about being trapped by your own brain. You have the power to break free. You have all that you need. You are safe. You are loved. You are needed. Break free. Start living again.


xoxo, Betsy
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