More Conneciton, Focus, & Peace

More Conneciton, Focus, & Peace

Try this exercise for 5-15 mins a day. Ok, that's the goal...but try as often as you can and see what your body tells you.

mindfulness steps - find a quiet place, focus on all 5 senses

Just a few minutes can help you find balance, connection, peace, and strength.

I find myself very easily wrapped up in "noise." Some of the noise is necessary and welcome (family, friends, work) But sometimes I struggle to filter the noise and listen to my mind, body, and spirit. By taking the time to do this exercise, I find clarity and the focus to move forward and tend to the most important things.

Are you feeling some of these same things? I hope you try this with me and lmk what you think...and how it goes!



p.s. I use the meditation app "Insight Timer" It has a free option that provides a ton of different meditations + yoga and music. There is a section for parents too...stuff you can do with your kiddos. There is even a search page where you can type in any type of music, yoga, or theme you wish to focus on. Check it out! ❤👍

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