Need More Time?

Need More Time?

I've been thinking about all of you this past week - Thinking about how I can serve you better and what burdens I can attempt to ease in some, small way.

I came up with three reoccurring themes: TIME, BEAUTY, and SELF-CARE. Over the next few weeks these emails will focus on each of these topics and hopefully help us find more balance in our life. Check out both our Instagram and Facebook feeds/stories to see more content on each of these topics.


Online shopping is getting easier and easier. I can't tell you how much I love to order my groceries while making breakfast, packing lunches, and getting my kids to hurry out the door in the morning! Wait, did I just say I LOVE to order groceries? Yuck! I don't. I just love the convenience of multi-tasking and never leaving my house. Same goes for HW shopping. Do it in your pajamas, in your bed, in your car, without a bra...(yes, I'm still talking about shopping)! Save time, save energy and worry. We've got the perfect gifts for you and all the women in your life. You only have to lift one finger.😉 Plus, we also offer gift wrap...BAM!

Also, here are a FEW RESOURCES that will help you find comfort, style, and convenience in your busy life.

@mommasinpajamas- These ladies offer hip tips on fashion, beauty, home decor, and more. They have a great range of topics that can help you narrow down your search and check off your shopping list quick...and look super duper fabulous while doing it all! (No Instagram?-

@thebuyguide- another amazing place to find tried and true products that won't waste your time and money. (No Instagram?- go to

@betsysbestbets- this isn't me...but her name is Betsy too! I heard about her through a friend and she's great! She shares all her best tips and finds and saves her followers a whole bunch of time by sifting through the mess and picking out the best! (No Instagram?- head over to the Podcast episodes she and her daughter do- Best Bets with Kate & Betsy)

I hope this is helpful in your journey to find MORE TIME!



P.S. I love hearing from you! Lmk your thoughts and how I can help ❤

P.S.S. Watch for next week's email that will offer you some content on easily bringing a little more style and BEAUTY to your busy days.

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