Semi-colon and The Middle

Semi-colon and The Middle

Not too long ago I introduced the semi-colon as the symbol for mental health awareness and the significance it plays in our Hello Wednesday Family. Check out this blog post for a re-cap πŸ˜‰ And, I have also talked about the significance of The Middle and our name Hello Wednesdays.

When a reader comes to a semi-colon in a sentence they are being asked to pause. Yet, the semi-colon suggests that there is more, that the story continues. This punctuation mark is quite often found in The Middle of a sentence. The middle of a thought.

Semi-colons and Wednesdays...both in the middle...both ask of us to hang tight, hold on, sit in the discomfort, and wait for our story (our week, our life, our trial, our day) to continue. It can continue. We can wait. But let's do it together. Let's support one another in our stories. Let's find hope in the possibilities that are ahead if we choose to continue.Β 

Hello Wednesdays hopes to be an advocate for those that suffer. I plan to do this by designing jewelry that can be used as a symbol of hope and support to those that suffer. It is a process. I can't wait to be able to introduce it to you soon! I am passionate about this and would welcome you to continue to join me in this journey as we learn, grow, discover, and pivot together.



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