Sometimes you just gotta Jump

Sometimes you just gotta Jump

I sat down to write this email and got stuck. The writing is one of my favorite parts of this business. So, getting stuck was extremely frustrating to me. I wasted a lot of time with unproductive questions, fears, and discouragement. Finally I chose to let go of it all and to take a risk.

What is the risk? To be a little more vulnerable and open. I chose 7 things about me you don't know. I hope that through this risk I might find a deeper connection with all of you.

1. I can burp really loud. (sorry Mom πŸ˜‰)

2. I have had two miscarriages

3. I have serious tactile issues. Learn more about them here.

4. I got married 2 weeks after my 20th birthday (and am still happily married almost 23 years later)

5. I am Enneagram 9. Find out yours here

6. My son almost died when he was 18 months due to a ruptured small intestine. I wrote a blog to cope.

7. I LOVE Peanut Butter

Why 7? It's my fav # 😊 I guess I just told you 8 things, haha!

I started this business to help my own family but also because I have a strong desire to help all of you. I want to help solve problems. Remember My Mission Statement from a few weeks ago?

"Helping you get through the middle of wherever you're at. It's hard to see our happy ending when we're in the middle of it. But together, we can thrive in the middle and enjoy our journey to our happy ending."

These weekly emails and the jewelry I have collected is intended to bring you joy and hope as well. Each piece (each email) is chosen with love, care, and intention...for you.

See you next week! It will be my turn to find out more about YOU!! Stay Tuned!




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