Supporting Someone with Anxiety Part 2/3

PART 2/3
Have you ever been with a loved one that is freaking out due to anxiety and you don’t know what to do or how to help?
In Part 1 we talked about validating our loved one’s feelings. Go check it out!
Part 2 is all about supporting without giving reassurance. I know reassurance is naturally a good thing, right? Some of the time is can be. But with anxiety the reassurance can actually perpetuate anxiety.
The best way to manage anxiety is to face those things that are causing the anxiety. By giving reassurance, we aren’t encouraging our loved one to face their fears. We are helping them run away.
When someone has anxiety, their brain is telling them that their problem is like a bear is standing right in front of them. Their brain is blowing the problem up. We can help by validating their feelings and supporting them through the hard thing without “making it all go away.”
Reassurance only pacifies in the moment, but doesn’t help in the long run. Next time, try to support your loved one by helping them go through their anxiety, not away from it.
Remember to go back and read Part 1 for more information and stay tuned for part 3 of Supporting Someone with Anxiety.

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