The Semi-colon Charm

The Semi-colon Charm

We are so honored and excited to introduce our new

Battle Fighting Charm...The Semi-Colon Charm

Hello Wednesdays fights for and strives to help support those that struggle with mental health issues. Please visit our blog or Instagram and Facebook accounts to find out more!

This new charm will:

  • Help you give support to someone who is struggling with a mental health battle.
  • Help you find strength to fight your own battles.
  • Help you offer a token of support and love without saying a word.

Each charm will be custom placed on any item of HW jewelry you choose. And each charm also comes with an "I don't have words" inspirational card to empower the receiver.

Let us help you and those you love to find courage in the journey. The mountains we climb can feel impossible. When we have friends to help us climb and cheer us on nothing is impossible!


Betsy and HW family

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