The Symbol of Mental Health Awareness

The Symbol of Mental Health Awareness

If you haven't discovered by now from my emails and SM posts...Mental Health is kind of important to me. I have found so much strength and understanding through studying and learning more about the human mind. I have loved ones that feel daily to pulls and pokes of mental illness. I feel daily the need to support these people that I love. And if there are people that are close to me that struggle, I know that there must be many that I don't know about that are also fighting their own battles.

These battles should NEVER be fought alone. Hello Wednesdays has become a platform for me to strive to reach out and lift up. In a recent FB/IG post I used the following quote:

Mental illness is a flaw in chemistry not character.

We each have many "flaws" in our chemistry. That is what makes us each unique.
High blood pressure, a bad back, eczema, cancer...we can all freely talk about these "chemistry flaws."
But what about anxiety, depression, adhd, ocd (and so many more)? We must also give them a voice. We must also abandon the stigma and come together to help and support those that are suffering.

Did you know that a semi-colon is the symbol for Mental Health Awareness? Well, you do now. Do you know why? Click here to find out why.


Expect to see more of this symbol from Hello Wednesdays. And expect to hear more about how we can love, support, encourage, and learn from those that suffer because of mental illness.



P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts, insights, and perspective on this topic. Please share. Sharing promotes further understanding and fosters healing. ❤

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