Think - Feel - Imagine

Think - Feel - Imagine

Think. Feel. Imagine. Three powerful words that lead to three powerful results: Become. Attract. Create.

I think we all aspire to such things. Sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in doubt, fear, or just plain, old laziness. This past year has taught us that no matter the obstacle we really can rise above and take control of our lives. 

That power comes from within...our thoughts, feelings, and imagination...our dreams! Amazing things happen when we dream big and choose to take action.

I've said before how starting a business, being vulnerable on social media, and trying to find a way to connect with my friends (customers) online is absolutely terrifying to me. Most (not all) of the time I muster the courage to continue to follow my dreams. It's not always pretty, and, although uncomfortable, it somehow is exhilarating. I am learning and becoming. I am attracting "good" things and creating more opportunities for myself and my customers.

Follow your dreams and don't be afraid to follow your dreams.  Let's take time to Think, Feel, and Imagine. Then let's take action to Become, Attract, and Create the Good that we see all around us! It's out there just waiting to be snatched up. Let's get snatching, haha!!



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