Thrive in the Middle

Sometimes we feel like we're stuck. Just trying to make it through each day. Feeling discouraged, frozen, like we're spinning our wheels. We need some vision, someone who's been where we are and has emerged to tell us "it gets better." Or someone who is right where we are and can say "Yeah, this sucks!"
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So, when you feel like you're stuck in the middle....
the middle of your day
the middle of your week (Have you made the connection? Hello Wednesdays... "Thrive in the Middle"... Wednesdsay is the middle of the week? ❤❤❤
the middle of a trial
the middle of your life
This community (through email) (on Instagram) (on Facebook) can help you find the light to look towards, the light that can bring hope for the future.
 It's hard to see our happy ending when we're in the middle of it. But, together, we can THRIVE in the middle and enjoy our journey to our HAPPY ending.
Will you join me? I feel stuck constantly and would love for you to join me on my journey. I love finding resources and sharing what I find. As you have seen, one of my resources is actually jewelry...but that's just one. I've created 3 "pillars" that I'll be sharing about weekly on SM and via email.
1. Mental/Emotional/Spiritual
2. Physical/Food/Exercise
3. Product Inspiration (jewelry now...but who knows what new products I'll find for inspiration??!!)
I'd love to share ALL these things, and for you to share your journey and your resources with me!
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