Thriving Revisited

Thriving Revisited

By now you've probably heard me talk about "Thriving." Specifically, "Thriving in the Middle." The "middle" has become a theme for me. We all have our "middles", our places that feel a little blah, or super frustrating, right? You can re-read, or if you missed it altogether go READ HERE my full post about Thriving in the Middle. It means a lot to me and is one of the driving forces of Hello Wednesdays ❤

I hope you're Thriving! Are you though? I know it's hard (really, I do!) I don't know your specific trials, but, I promise, we've all got them. The trick is to find a way to THRIVE....not just SURVIVE. Here are 4  tips to help you Thrive:

1. Be Grateful - Look for and find the good in your life...even the small and simple. Write them down. Acknowledge them. Express thanks to those that bless your life.

2. Work Hard & Have Courage - Push through even when it's hard. Work and accomplishment can be healing. Accept and honor the strength you have. If you feel weak, set a goal and fight to accomplish it. You'll discover you're much stronger than you think.

3. Thoughts are just thoughts - you can re-write your story, every moment of every day. It takes patience and perseverance, but you can be the master of your own mind and heart. Don't let fleeting or repetitive thoughts break you - BREAK THEM!

4. The world needs your light - We each have individual qualities that this world needs, that NO ONE ELSE HAS! Find them, use them...Just be you! When we honor who we are, our light and love invites others to do the same. That sounds like heaven to me!

I hope that when you see these pictures (and others pics from us and others on social media or wherever) you see that within all the happy, smiling, peaceful pictures are hard experiences and struggles and doubt and fear and pain. I also want you to know that these smiles come from a realization that the courage and strength that is within us is more powerful than any challenge or fear. The love and light we can glean from others can pull us out of any darkness we may feel.

Remember: Gratitude, Courage, Mastery of thought, and Light!




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