Trials and Lost Opportunities

Trials and Lost Opportunities

When I announced/launched our semi-colon pendant last week my heart was so full and so excited! I feel personally the pain and sorrow and exhaustion that comes with battling mental illness, whether for one's self or loved ones. I want so much to help and support.

How meaningful it was to hear the stories of those that ordered a semi-colon charm! Can I share just one with you?

One customer ordered our Dorothy Necklace (also linked below). She asked for 5 beads to represent her 5 children. She asked me to place the semi-colon after the 2nd bead to represent the mental illness struggle of her 2nd child. As she was writing the note to me she also realized that the miscarriage she had years ago was after her 2nd child. She wrote "Now the semi-colon has double meaning for me!"

So often in life we are asked to "pause" and without fail that "pause" feels pretty uncomfortable. Can you think of all the "pauses" or "middles" of your life? Are you or a loved one in one right now? Although it can be uncomfortable, we can still find ways to "Thrive in the Middle." Offering and asking for help is a start. A sense of community and support can make a big difference.

You or someone you know could use a little reminder to sit tight and hold on. Our Semi-Colon Charm can be a strong symbol of a worthwhile goal. It can empower us and those we love to keep fighting. It can bring hope to a day that feels hopeless.

A simple charm that can pack a big punch!

Come find your symbol of strength, hope, and meaning. Who's life can you lift up today? (It might be your own, and that is wonderful!!)


Betsy and HW family

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