We've Got Mountains To Climb

We've Got Mountains To Climb

This past week I had my first Instagram Influencer promote my products. Man, was that a roller-coaster of emotions! I was elated with the opportunity and honored that she (Claire) loved my stuff. But I felt so vulnerable, not knowing the outcome. Plus, there were a handful of things I had never done before on the business side of things that were somewhat overwhelming. The days leading up to her mention of Hello Wednesdays in her stories I was a ball of nerves. I was worried about the “numbers” and making sure the link was correct and my inventory was sufficient. I found a quiet place to go and just sit in my nervousness. I tried to work through my feelings of uncertainty and find peace so I wouldn’t totally lose it! And you know what? I came to a wonderful realization: This is only one small moment in "My Story". Whether I succeed or fail, whether I make a ton of sales or not, whatever the outcome the ultimate goal is taking steps to grow and whatever the outcome I CAN grow. Of course, I want to succeed. Of course, I want a successful business. But, from the beginning this business has been so much more than just numbers and sales. From Day One I have wanted to find “my people” and gather whatever light and love I can in my life, and share it with others. And do it all through jewelry 😊. Ultimately, this first influencer will be just a tiny step among so many others steps I have taken. Ultimately, it will work out. I will find all “my people.” And I will do all I can to help and serve and share. Big Picture. Small Steps.

I know you each have your own Big Picture. Small Steps. Can I encourage you to keep putting one foot in front of the other? Keep doing good and being you. Those small steps will ultimately result in marvelous things. But we’ll never know how marvelous we are unless we keep trudging through the mud and climbing that mountain and pushing away fears. I know we can do it. I know we can see light and hope and love all around us if we choose to look and see and SHARE it with others! Big Picture. Small Steps.

I have a favor to ask…will you help me in my journey? Will you help me climb this mountain? The only way I’m going to find more of “my people” is through exposure. And that exposure can come from you. Will you share this email and invite your friends to subscribe to my email list and to follow @hello_wednesdays on IG and Hello Wednesdays on FB? Are you following us on social media? That’s something you can do too! And then take pics of HW jewelry when you’re wearing it and loving it…post about it and tag us in your photo…I would LOVE that!! Please help me gather people that want to share light and love or that need a little more light and love in their lives ❤.

One last pep talk…Go out there and take on your challenges, your fears, your hopes and dreams! Yeah, we’ll fail. Sure, we’ll fall. But we’ll keep getting up and climbing. Thank you for being my sounding board. Thank you for being “my people.”



P.S. Will you please help me find more of “my people”? Share Hello Wednesdays with your friends and family! Forward this email and invite others to subscribe at www.hellowednesdays.com.

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P.S.S. Btw, my Influencer’s name is Claire Tammaro. You can find her on Instagram @thinkingclairezy and on FB Claire Tammaro. She posts about life with two kids, hair tips (she’s a hairstylist), and weight watcher recipes. I love her style and outlook on life. She has created a wonderful community. Go check her out 😊!

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