About HW

Hello Wednesdays' Journey to Share Light and Love

Hello Wednesdays was founded in 2020 after mom and wife, Betsy Russell, saw a need in her family and community. Her husband had recently left work on a disability leave of absence because of debilitating depression (Major Depressive Disorder). Betsy knew she had to step up and support her husband while he found healing from therapy and other mental health professionals.

Then, within the span of a few months, her husband and all four of her kids were diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (more commonly known as OCD).  Due to all of these factors, Betsy realized she needed to seek help from professionals herself, as her anxiety and stress of managing a home, business, and therapy sessions for her family had risen dramatically.

Hello Wednesdays began as a jewelry boutique but soon evolved into a place where Betsy could share the knowledge she and her husband were gaining on their mental health journey. Each item in her store is handpicked or uniquely designed with the customer in mind. Each item is chosen with the intent to help teach, empower, and heal those that either struggle themselves or have a loved one struggling with mental illness.

This is a labor of love for Betsy. Since the light has been cast on the debilitating and isolating powers of mental illness, she cannot stop sharing that light with others. One of her favorite quotes sums it up:

"We're all broken. That's how the light gets in." – Ernest Hemingway

May the light shine more brightly in your life as you follow her journey and find comfort and strength in the knowledge that you're not alone and there is a way forward.