Our Story

Our Story


Hello Wednesdays began with a mother, a daughter, and a vision: To spread happiness and light through unique jewelry. We strive to do that with quality products, good deals, and our personal touch. We see every day and every sale as a new opportunity to find happiness and share it with others. Come hang out with us and see how you can Share Your Love and Shine Your Light!

In the summer of 2020 I felt a pull to start something new. To dream big and believe that I could help my family discover a life full of freedom, light, and love. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine. I love collecting, thinking up designs, and organizing jewelry. So it just seemed perfect to share that love with others. My desire is to create, find, and gather the highest quality and most beautiful designs in jewelry into one place...HELLO WEDNESDAYS! I'm pretty good at the gathering part but needed help from my daughter Olivia with the social media/photography side. She's amazing and the best to work with! Oh, and she has a keen eye for cool, unique designs!

How we chose our Name 🙄

It was definitely a family affair. We all sat around and threw out names. We wanted the name to have special meaning to us. One of my kids said "How about The Wednesdays?" Long ago 😉, when my husband was in college he had a friend that nicknamed him Marcos (his name is Mark) Miercoles (that is Wednesday in Spanish). Over the last few years, that college friend's children took that nickname and started referring to our family as The Wednesdays (instead of The Russells). Wednesdays seemed meaningful and fun. So we went for it! We got creative in order to find a name that no one else had and, viola Hello Wednesdays emerged!!

By shopping Hello Wednesdays you are shopping from a family, not a big corporation. A family that strives to give back to our community daily. While helping you find the perfect every day, unique jewelry we also are striving to bring joy, light, and love to our little piece of the world. So, join us on this adventure--where you'll share your sense of style, your community, your light, your strength, your place--with us!!



and the Hello Wednesdays Family